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Theta’s Prometheus Monoblock

The Great High-Stool Debate

The "Monster" Theater- Thanks Jim !

Jim's room is incredible !! 

Florida Miracle in 12X16 feet Amazing !

This beautiful home theater should make you red with envy!

Torpeys NJ Theater

This Gorgeous NJ Theater seats over 14 people with the Back Bar. All designed and built by Theatermax

We built a Sony 70" into a tight corner years ago.

Total invisible built in 70". Looks like a Screen !

Aerial 7t's in NJ

Aerial 7t's in NJ Demo Room

Russels Incredible Family room in the works!

Amazing woodwork we helped design and install!

The Kef Blade 2 Demo with Johan and Jason and George and Craig - What a fun Day !

Incredible Day with the KEF boys and George and I having fun tweaking and listening to the Blade 2 and the Theta Prometheus Amps. The Cars were fun too !

The Great High-Stool Debate

Sounds and Vision Magazine did a great story on the work I did for Gary Dell’Abate. Check out this great article and see why he chose me to be his guy.

Click here to read the story: The Great High-Stool Debate

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