The Trinnov Info Page

Theatermax LLC welcomes you to your new Trinnov Altitude. This document will help you will some of the early things you’ll need to know to setup your machine.

Controlling your Altitude is done using a VNC client. You can use a number of different VNC clients but for iPad we are using Mocha VNC and its great. Tightvnc seems to be what Trinnov recommends for PC and we haven’t tried it for iPad if its available for iPad but let us know your feedback.

It’s possible when you turn on your Altitude 32 that the Codecs for Auro/Atmos/Dts:X may not be factory loaded. If they are not, Trinnov will connect to the machine remotely and install the codec packs for you when I tell them so. Takes about 3 mins. Machine must be online, and you must not be in any menus. Just let me know when a good time is and I will have them enable them.

Bass Management is turned off by default and must be engaged before your subs will work. Make sure you read up on Bass management and how to enable it and then you can make settings for your subs.

Microphone Calibration File – Do this before starting calibration. Make sure the file on the included USB stick matches the serial # on the microphone. Make sure you select the new microphone and not the default mic thats selected in the built in presets.

Some Quick things you need to know about HDMI on Trinnov HDMI Output 1 is hardwired to be HDMI 1.4, while HDMI Output 2 is similarly hardwired to be HDMI 2.0. The reason is to maximize compatibility as we all evolve from 1.4 to 2.0. (The backward compatibility promised by the HDMI standard doesn’t actually work very well. We decided we needed to hedge our bets.) There is a Technical HDMI document on my web site for Trinnov HDMI which is a must read! See link below

Currently, HDMI Inputs 1, 2, and 3 present themselves as HDMI 1.4, while 4, 5, 6, and 7 self-identify as HDMI 2.0. Please put your 4k sources on the higher input number and use Output 2 with your 4k display. Soon, we will be releasing a software update that will allow you to select either 1.4 or 2.0 on an input-by-input basis.

Altitude 16 Product info Sheet

Altitude 16 User Manual  ( This is their latest guide and includes Roon info which is not yet in the 32 guide )

Altitude 32 Product info Sheet

Altitude 32 UserGuide v4.1.5

HDMI information notes ( Very Important)