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Hi Craig,

I just realized that I haven’t shared much regarding my audio “story”, so I would like to let you know now that as an Ohio retired teacher the “high end” has been fairly difficult to achieve. It has taken years of saving up and planning. I sometimes buy used items.

When I moved all the way out here to Arizona, I first sold all of my old equipment including tubes. When I assembled my new system it seemed so forward in the upper mids and lower highs. Sibilance was an annoyance. I first treated the room which helped flatten out the response. I then realized my cables needed to be state-of-the-art.

That’s where you come in. Thanks to your generous sharing of your expertise and the great deals you presented, I have been able to update and upgrade to Cardas Clear, Clear Beyond and Clear Beyond XL.

What a difference in clarity, holography and smoothness! Sibilance is gone, and I can now appreciate the virtues of my system.

I write this to thank you. Without your guidance, advice and super deals I would never have had the clear, natural sound I now enjoy.

Jerry Grochowski

“I talked to many guys before I landed on Craig. His great knowledge coupled with his fun personality made him a pleasure to have in our home. Our home theater is used by the entire family from football games to couples movie night. Everyone loves coming to our home to hang in the theater. Craig to thank for that!”
Gary Dell’Abate

The Howard Stern Show

Craig has provided me with unparalleled service, knowledge, and price for many years. He has become a friend as well and highly recommend him for all your audio and home theater needs.
Les Sabo

I recently upgraded to high-end speakers (Triad Platinum LCR) and was looking for a Pre/Pro that could match their performance. I had already narrowed my choice down to the Theta Casablanca 3HD; I just needed a way to purchase one.  After asking around on a series of fora, I received a referral to Craig of Theatermax from one of his previous Theta customers (of which there are many).  I explained my needs to Craig (both Home Theater and Music) and we specified the DAC’s I’d need right there on the phone.  He generated three additional configurations centered around that original spec and left me to consider the options.  As I quickly learned from the price quotes included with those configurations, Theatermax’s prices are second to none.  Craig’s price was outstanding, but more important than his pricing is his passion for the hobby.  He has a passion for the equipment that he sells, and that passion bleeds from his every word.

I highly recommend Craig Shumer at Theatermax for any and all of your Audio/Video needs.  They are a top-notch outfit with top-notch gear.

Matt Blair

DC Metro Area

Craig at Theatermax is everything one could want in an Audio/Visual Equipment dealer.

Product knowledge: top shelf.
Product selection: Theatermax carries many of the top brands.
Communications: Craig seems to not sleep and will get back to you very quickly.
Competitive prices: you bet, call him and see.

Craig has helped me obtain the most awesome Theta front end for my system; I don’t think I would have been able to do this without Theatermax.  Highly Recommended!

John Winterberg

Arguably one of the finest systems ever crated was duly influenced by Craig with his vast knowledge of audio and staging. Could not more highly recommend a true no non-sense professional to effectively choreograph your home or professional system, no matter your needs. Our complete Theta system with all of the bells and whistles is without question, the finest , along with our fabulous state of the art 11 piece VMPS speaker system with brien cheney doing his magic.
Ron Hyman

Hi Craig,     just wanted to thank you again for your great service and pricing on my Yamaha equipment. The items were brand new in the box as described and your customer service it outstanding. I would not hesitate to buying from you again. I wish you all the best in your business.
Kenny Nguyen

Craig has been my Theta Digital dealer for years and years! Thanks to Craig and Theta Digital I have the best music and movie sound!
Steven B.

I would like to thank Craig for being a professional and a true gentleman in the home audio and video marketplace.  His timely email responses and phone calls shows his personal touch and commitment to the finest customer service.  I would not hesitate to purchase from him in the future, and I am confident that my Theta Digital Casablanca is well supported for years/decades to come.  I am happy to have met him and consider him to be a friend as well.  Thank you kindly.
Ken M.

I have worked with Craig over the last 15 years on a number of systems.

They ranged from audio and video in the master bedroom to a full blown Theta and Aerial home theater system. Craig has always been the most honest,knowledgable, highly skilled av guy in the business. His dedication to his field and to his customers is second to none. I’m looking forward to working together with Craig on my next project.

Randy O’Boyle

Craig is an audio professional in every aspect of the word. From his great products to his great communication skills, he ensures that his customers are happy. Craig is the first person I call when I want new gear.
Jeff Hightower

Many years ago I worked in a high end audio shop carrying all the usual boutique culprits.  I’m no stranger to how a system should sound when correctly assembled and situated in a room.  Having been a “tube snob” for most of my adult life, I was always reluctant to cross over to the “dark side” of solid state.  I have known Craig at TheaterMax for a number of years and have purchased many home theater pieces from him – but my two channel system was off limits.  No one was taking my tubes away from me.  This year I finally gave in and had Craig assemble a solid state system in my dedicated listening room.  I’m now a convert.  The Theta/Aerial/Cardas system TheaterMax has assembled is as close to perfection as I have heard and (relatively) modest compare to some of the six-figure systems I’ve had the pleasure of hearing.  I can honestly say that my system will easily hold its own with almost anything out there.  Craig understands synergy between components and the concept of realistic sound.  His knowledge is great, but the service is even greater.  Craig always goes above and beyond to make sure I am totally satisfied with my purchase.  I highly recommend TheaterMax for any audio/HT application and have recommended them to many of my friends.
Dr. George Dierna

I purchased a demo Casablanca from Theatermax. Needless to say, the unit is simply superb but what really delighted me was the outstanding personal service I received from Craig.  I had lots of questions before taking the plunge and the amount of time (and patience) he afforded me was exceptional; it gave me great confidence and I can’t sing his praises enough.


I have been an audiophile all my life and have owned many AV systems, I recently bought a new house and asked Craig to help me design a system for my media room. Working with Craig was a pleasure and the end result is fantastic. He kept within my budget and suggested a system that gives me true concert hall sound, and a home theater experience rivaling the best movie theaters. Thank you Craig, I truly appreciate what you did.
Steve B.

Theatermax has been MY audio/video advisor/dealer/friend for 8+ years. Craig gives great advice and service, even though he’s 3000 miles away from me.
Thanks, Craig!
Daniel G.

I was fortunate enough to meet an audio enthusiast here in Houston Texas who owns a very high end home theater.   As I got a private tour of his room we discussed in detail how the room came about.  He explained to me that his audio equipment i.e. speakers and electronics had come from Craig Shumer owner of Theatermax.  He gave Craig high praise, and was very satisfied with his purchases.

When it came time to upgrade my speakers and projector for my home theater I gave Craig a call.  I found Craig to be friendly, professional, and had good advice for my audio needs.  Craig has always answered all of my phone calls / emails, and has been great to work with.

In summary it does not matter if you are buying high end or not.  Craig Shumer at Theatermax offers not only competitive pricing, but he also has great follow up service that should make him your one stop shopping for all of your audio / video needs.  I give Theatermax my highest recommendations.

James F. Hollingsworth

You should check out Craig Shumer at Theatermax because he has fantastic in-depth knowledge of home theater and audio. He is willing to listen to the customer and come up with solutions that not only fit your budget, but sound fantastic.  Craig has the experience to fine tune any system you may be considering and can often troubleshoot issues over the phone.   One big advantage of working with Theatermax is their close business relationship with Theta Digital, a high-end manufacturer of home theater and audio equipment.  Craig often has the first news of upgrades, before they are mentioned on the Theta website.  Often, you are rewarded with highly competitive pricing specials on the newest Theta equipment.  Because of the excellent service and access to the state of the art in home theater equipment, you can count me as a loyal customer of Theatermax.
Mike Richman

I got a CB I when they first came out which I kept and upgraded for many years.  I eventually got the itch and sold it to try other brands, but came back to Theta about 10 years ago and have pretty much all Theta products: a CB III HD, Gen 8, Compli Blu 3D, 2 Citadel 1.5’s, an Enterprise, and a Dreadnaught III.

During this time I discovered Craig Shumer and Theatermax who also provided me with Aerial speakers, 20T V2, CC5,  CC3,  and sub.  Craig has taken care of all of my upgrading(hardware and software) as well as all of my new purchases, giving me the quickest service and best prices I could find.  He is knowledgeable, frank, and to the point.  He knows what will and won’t work and I truly believe that with the combination of an excellent product delivered and maintained by an experienced dealer you will keep  on the cutting edge of audio and home theater.  His great prices don’t hurt either.

Les Sabo

TheaterMax Craig Shumer

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