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Who is TheaterMax?

We are the industry leader when it comes to High-Quality Audio and video Solutions. With more than 20 years experience in designing and installing some of the most incredible listening rooms.

It will be an easy decision to work with us. Whether your interested in having us design and install your new Energy Saving lighting solution or integrating your front door bell to ring throughout the house and show who is at the front door, we can handle it.

If simply purchasing a new Television or Sonos Zone is what you are thinking, call us. We have the most incredible prices and understanding of the latest products on the market. Take the time and look at our brands. We have spent years developing the best in class brand lineup that all has the synergy required to function together. We are Master Dealers for Brands such as Theta Digital and Aerial Acoustics and that allows us to bring you amazing products at truly incredible prices.

We are all about custom. We can take your dream ideas and make them work. As you will see in some of our amazing theaters we have built over the years. Our customers keep coming back because of our honesty, integrity, and overall reliability to deliver what we say.Whether it’s a high quality Home Theater or a Media room with a Large Television we can help you. We also can work with your installers and just be your consultants. Just ask and you will be amazed at how flexible we are.

Craig Shumer of Theatermax is a Pioneer in the industry. His relationships with vendors allows him to match and tie together the finest and most sought after products available today. Craig for instance Beta Tested the Sonos Product line and worked with their engineers to better their product. Craig’s engineering background has vendors asking for his input on a regular basis.

Craig Shumer Contact Information:

Phone: (732) 616-1010

Why Choose TheaterMax?

When it comes time to choose someone to help design, purchase, and even install your dream audio & video system you have to have confidence in your selection. TheaterMax is your best choice. We are authorized for Sony, Theta Digital, ATI, KEF, AudioQuest, and so many more.

Check our Brands Page to see our full line of products. If there is something you are looking for and don’t see it, just give us a call. We are here to make sure you enjoy your system.

Just some of our Authorized Brands

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Manalapan, New Jersey
West Hills, California

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